The Planetary Society - NASA Lobbying

The planetary society

This group is actively lobbying for Congressional support aimed at restoring NASA’s Planetary Science Division’s budget to its historical average of $1.5 billion per year. Repeated budget cuts has slashed the Division’s budget to a mere $1.28 billion per year, which the Planetary Society says has crippled one of the most effective divisions within NASA.

The Planetary Society's Opinion

The planetary society's budgetThe Planetary Society holds the opinion that $1.5 billion per year is the absolute minimum amount required to balance the Division’s activities, which include small, medium, and large missions, scientific research, and the development of new technologies.

According to the Planetary Society, NASA is not spending enough on small missions and scientific research, and almost nothing on research on new technologies.

Putting the amount of $1.5 billion into perspective, The Planetary Society says that it represents less than 9% of NASA’s total expenditure, and substantially less than the amount American pet owners spent on toys for their dogs during 2012.

The Planetary Society - NASA Lobbying

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