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The Space Exploration Alliance (SEA)

The Space Exploration Alliance


Consisting of a conglomerate of more than a dozen leading non-profit organizations and pressure groups that actively campaign for the exploration and utilization of outer space, the SEA has as its mission the task of persuading the general public, captains of industry, and elected officials that “ exploration is a compelling priority and imperative for all humanity, and that space utilization improves life on Earth.


The Goals Of "SEA"Space exploration

Via concerted, and well targeted educational and policy outreach programs, the SEA aims to spread the message that space exploration, and the utilization of space is both technically possible, and achievable in fiscal terms.

Moreover, that space explorations cannot but inspire the youth and civil society at large, invigorate the industrial base, and initiate self-sustaining job-creation initiatives through entrepreneurial activity across a “...a broad spectrum of the economy”.