ProSpace & The Space Prize Lobby

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Despite their best efforts over the last decade, ProSpace has not been overly successful in their mission to garner Government backing for commercial space transportation services. The main thrust of their efforts involves persuading NASA to increase the cash prizes for competitions aimed at designers of space craft, launch vehicles, and other space related hardware.

ProSpace is pushing hard at lawmakers to allow NASA to sponsor prizes that exceed $250 000- prizes which they believe will motivate designers to come up with innovative solutions for technical problems NASA has neither the time, inclination, or capacity to solve.


Issues in Lobbying for Bigger Competition Prizes

However, the NASA Authorization Act of 2005 authorizesNasa NASA to put up a total of $10 million in prize money for competitions that could address technological issues, and in special cases, even more. The bad news is that permission to increase prizes beyond $10 million must first be obtained from congressional oversight committees, and to date, permission has not been granted.

In addition to lobbying for bigger competition prizes, ProSpace is also actively campaigning for Congressional support for a new Government agency to be called the National Space Prize Board, with an annual budget in excess of $100 million to arrange, and oversee competitions that NASA could not be bothered with.

ProSpace & The Space Prize Lobby

by Robert