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Arianespace's 2015 Marketing Campaign

arianespace Marketing 2015

It is difficult to see why Arianespace needs to advertise at all. The Arianne rocket launch vehicle is the most reliable launch vehicle ever developed by any agency, but despite this, Arianespace conducts annual marketing campaigns in trade publications and selected newspapers.


Mission To SuccessArianespace 2015 marketing campaign

Each campaign focuses on a different aspect of the company’s activities, such as contract signings, new technologies, and launch opportunities. The catch phrase for the 2015 campaign is Mission To Success.

SpaceVision 2015: A Frontier of Opportunities and Innovations

SpaceVision 2015

SpaceVision 2015 at Metcalf Trustee Center,Boston universityThis opportunity is perfect for students and young professional scientists to participate in efforts to promote space flight, space exploration, and the development of space.

The annual conference of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space which is arranged, organised, and presented solely by students, was held from November 12th through November 15th , 1205.

This year the venue was the Metcalf Trustee Center, at Boston University in Boston, MA. Tell us if you were there and the space reasearch opportunities you discovered.

National Space Society (NSS)

The National Space Society

The NSS has a vision that it expresses as "People living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity."


NSS supports all efforts to reach space


An American international non-profit organization, the National Space Society is an educational and science oriented organization that advocates for, and supports all efforts to reach space. It publicly supports both manned and un-manned space missions. It also supports both public and private sector space programs, including those by NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Ansari X Prize, Transformational Space, Scaled Composites, and several others.

National Space Society came about as the result of the merging of the National Space Institute, which was founded Dr. Wernher von Braun in 1974, and the L5 Society, which was founded in 1975, and advocated the concepts of Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill. The NSS also publishes Ad Astra, a magazine that appears quarterly in both print and electronic formats.

Mars One - space marketing company

Mars one, a marketing company

"Mars One is a marketing company - and a very good one, at that"

In an attempt to market its space-faring ambitions to a wider audience, the company Mars One has released a book titled Mars One: The Human Factor, which discusses the human interest side of space flight.

According to by Norbert Kraft, Mars One’s chief medical officer, and also the editor of the publication, "There are many tough, philosophical, and scientific questions that need to be answered about our upcoming selection of the four heroic individuals that will lead us on our mission to Mars."

As a marketing tool, the book could not be further from the approach taken by NASA during the Apollo missions, when the aim was to bring a highly technical subject to the people in an easy to understand language. However, the book is a serious attempt to market the idea of a manned mission to Mars to the general public, but how successful this effort will be remains to be seen.

Challenges Faced by Mars OneMars one

Mars One faces the challenge of convincing the general public that is more than a glamorous advertising agency with a vastly inflated sense of its own importance and capabilities.

The catch phrase "Let’s go to Mars!", no longer seems to impress anyone, and the company faces an extremely tough uphill battle to persuade financial backers that it is an aerospace company, and not just another television production company.

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