National Space Society (NSS)

The National Space Society

The NSS has a vision that it expresses as "People living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity."


NSS supports all efforts to reach space


An American international non-profit organization, the National Space Society is an educational and science oriented organization that advocates for, and supports all efforts to reach space. It publicly supports both manned and un-manned space missions. It also supports both public and private sector space programs, including those by NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Ansari X Prize, Transformational Space, Scaled Composites, and several others.

National Space Society came about as the result of the merging of the National Space Institute, which was founded Dr. Wernher von Braun in 1974, and the L5 Society, which was founded in 1975, and advocated the concepts of Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill. The NSS also publishes Ad Astra, a magazine that appears quarterly in both print and electronic formats.

National Space Society (NSS)

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