Marketing The European Space Agency (ESA)

European Space Agency

In 2002, ESA appointed Ogilvy Brand Relations in Brussels to develop a brand awareness of, and create a demand for European products and systems that will be used on the International Space Station.

Marketing Spaceflight For Commercial Purposes

ESA Marketing

The ISS is without doubt the one of the most sophisticated and high tech laboratories even developed, and although it has yet to live up to its hype, the appointment of Ogilvy Brand Relations was explained thus by Mr Jörg Feustel-Büechl, ESA’s Director of Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity at the time-

“...In the past, human spaceflight has wrongly retained an exotic and elitist image. With the ISS, this is changing. Human spaceflight will become an everyday experience. The station offers companies and organisations the opportunity, for the first time, to exploit manned spaceflight for commercial purposes. By opening a unit exclusively devoted to marketing the station's facilities, ESA is leading the ISS commercialisation effort."

The success, or otherwise, of this campaign is hard to quantify, since the very narrowly focused target market was space industry leaders and decision makers. Almost no mention of the campaign exists outside of the aerospace industry, and even then details are sketchy, to say the least.

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Marketing The European Space Agency (ESA)

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