The Unknown Marketing Experts Behind the Space Industry

Digital Marketing Experience for Space Industry

Online marketing does not know any boundaries. You can find online marketing applications in practically every kind of industry. Nowerdays with private space companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin, the new space industry also requires lots of online marketing. To some this may sound surprising...

However, this is a fact today. Aerospace companies too depend upon online marketing techniques, strategies and methods to raise awareness, promote services and indeed, to make sales. Below are a quick break-down of the current main players.

Techniques used by space brands:

Online marketing websites use the following techniques for clients in the aerospace industry. Usually the techniques used for normal clients and these special clients are more or less similar. You require a bit of tweaking here and there. Lets look at some of the techniques used by this website designer for the aerospace client.

    • Intelligent use of the logo and branding

Usually the first impression is the last impression. In order to make an impact, you should ensure it is an immediate one. The first lines should compel the customer to read on and move to the next one. For any industry, logo and branding are very important.

Using the logo at the correct time and place is very important. The tag lines are also equally important. The next most essential aspect of online marketing is the use of call to action graphics. For the aerospace industry, designers has cleverly used space related themes for initiating the call to actions.

space industry logo design for NanoRacksFor example, at, a marketing consultant and web design team manager for multiple aerospace organizations, the designer has shown experience in designing the logos as well as the branding for the hardware in low earth orbit. Thus the graphics used by this particular designer are now currently in orbit around the Earth as part of the NanoRacks experiments of the International Space Station.

    • Exquisite website designs

Aerospace industries are among the top industries in the world. They represent the most modern section of humanity. Hence, it becomes imperative that their websites too should have the most modern designing.
This website designer has ensured that by using the most exquisite designs for the web pages of these companies. You can see the web-landing page of the commercial space news website to understand the concept better.

    • Conversion Optimization

You have a perfect written content for your campaign. This enables you to get the top ranks in the search engines. You are also able to generate sufficient leads. However, unless and until you are able to convert those leads it would be a futile exercise. This online marketing website manages to do this.

This Company uses the most proven techniques in the online marketing scene such as CRO practices, A/B testing and other tools. They ensure the conversion of maximum leads into business.

    • Transparency in analysis

All marketing companies need to take great pride in being transparent in its dealing with its clients. They analyze the reports generated by the companies in a transparent manner. This would enable the space research companies to take action on the reports in the most appropriate manner.

Most use software such as Google Analytics to monitor the website traffic. The software ensures that the companies get the reports enabling them to analyze the volume of traffic, devices visitors are using, most popular pages and the keywords that drove those visitors to the site in the first place.

    • Business growth

Interest in space exploration is huge and the number of news, blogs and social media profiles about space is huge, but the number of trading space industry organizations is much more compact and insidious. Many enjoy press coverage and growth through events such as conferences and expos, and many are wise to network with potential customers in the real world and on the web.

The International Space Station Connection:

Digital Marketing for Space Industry

Many marketing agencies have made their mark in the space industry, but few are sought after to help brand and promote space businesses in orbit.

With NASA being the biggest player in launch provision and satellite deployment in space for the previsous decades (and with the biggest marketing budget of them all), most of the branding logo's seen in space are those of space agencies themselves.

As a result, few the new space companies, such as SpaceX, Bigelow and Blue Orgigin have managed to push their brand beyond low earth orbit into deeper space.


Marketing is a very important aspect of any business. Every commercial venture has to do marketing in some way or the other to sustain itself and grow their market share. However, standard run-of-the-mill marketing and promotion agencies lack the insight of the space business and find it difficult to target their client's products or services effectively. With this in mind, we are likely to see a whole new generation of business advisors, marketers and designers entering the industry as it grows.

Who did we miss? Let us know of the marketing campaigns you spotted that helped grow awareness of new space companies and their spaceflight missions, and indeed promote awareness of space exploration and research to the general public.

The Unknown Marketing Experts Behind the Space Industry

by Robert