About The Space Warrior

The Space Warrior

The Space Warrior Network has worked for over a decade helping organizations secure launch slots for private payloads and helps a host of new space companies market their space services and grow their business via opportunities generated through our strong network of space industry insiders, launch providers, operators, manufacturers marketers and business leaders.

As well as sourcing secondary payloads slots for customers around the world, The Space Warrior works with startup space companies that are in the initial stages of developing products and services as well as with a range of established space brands and organizations that enjoy a strong customer base.

We seek opportunities to market your products and implement your projects, brainstorm and hack the main areas of growth and pull together everything to get your space project off the ground. Find out how we can help at http://www.spacewarrior.org/ or join us on the social networks to keep up dated with the latest commercial space news and launch opportunities.

Space Industry Growth

The space industry has been growing with a pace that is increasing as time goes on. Where once there were missions to just explore the moon now there are missions that are to cover the whole galaxy. Apart from missions, several training and research facilities are also emerging which cater to the need of getting the public and potential clientele the awareness of what is going on and how the industry is shaping itself.

Working in the industry for over a decade alongside with both the government and space companies has provided me with the exposure and the experience to know where exactly the industry is heading towards. This is crucial for knowing exactly what the industry demands in terms of concepts, designs and technology of the companies. The right project which caters to the demands and needs of the industry reaps profit and also makes a base for itself where the leaders of the industry can come and require products and technologies.

New Technology - New Horizons

The space industry has been changing and moving towards more advanced needs that are fulfilling broader horizons. These horizons need new technologies, workforce and ideas that are both effective and productive. Many companies have these ideas and concepts but lack the push start and the contacts to get themselves out there. I, along with my team work with such companies to get them the exposure that they direly need.

Not only do I work with startup companies or firms that are in the initial stages of providing space services, but also with companies that have the presence and have formed a base for themselves in the industry. We market their products and their projects and get them started on reaping profits and make sure that they are being used to the fullest of their potential.

Battling for Your Space Business

Hard work and dedication are two terms that me and my term fully believes on and have made our worth ethics along these two terms. We make sure that whatever project we work on, whatever we company we work with, we make sure that we give our fullest and get our client satisfied.